I haven't done this for anything on UG yet, and hopefully the Bass forum receives them as well as GG&A.

Hmm...From Carvin. What could it be?

Why, another box of course! After removing that...

We're pretty close now. What could it be?

Now we're stripping this naughty b*****. Stop teasing and show us already!

Just show us her face!!!


BAM! Carvin BR510N! It's essentially a BX500 in a housing with 2x10 speakers and a tweeter.

Back-end shot.

Anyway, I'm not a very experienced bassist, but this thing sounds really nice compared to my Fender Frontman 15. It's really versatile; 4 band EQ (with selectable low- and high- mid frequencies), DI volume, Compression, switchable (-band EQ, and tweeter volume (just a selector, though). If you want, you can ask me for specific shots (like if you want to see the front panel clearly, etc.).

jk, but seriously, happy nad day, that looks pretty sweet

Yamaha RBX 550

Hartke Model 5000

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