So, at Warped Tour yesterday, I visited the Kevin Says stage, which had all the Ska bands and I was really impressed with some of the local ones from LA and San Diego. But I paid a lot of attention to the bass in each band. I noticed how much fun the bass lines looked. So I'm just curious what bands you would recommend to learning that kind of bass.

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Mighty mighty bosstones have a great bassplayer, so do Reel big fish. Listen to some jazz and reggae, because "skunk" bass draws heavily from those genres.
I might be a death metal head but dear god I love me some good ska. I have two words for you: Streetlight Manifesto! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo76ijhUqjE

And for fans of double bass, listen to this or die!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOGgviDEV2I&feature=fvst
I always thought Reel Big Fish has some great basslines to introduce one to ska. Try "Going Down in Flames," its not too difficult to start off with. "Beer" is another fun one.

EDIT: for some ska/punk, you should be looking at Less Than Jake.
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for some more hardcore ska punk look at five finger disount and 500 channels by choking victem.
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Seconding Lazarus, Streetlight has INCREDIBLE basslines. And music in general actually.

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I third on Streetlight Manifesto.

Also, Rancid, though they're not really a ska band, I feel has some pretty awesome ska-ish basslines.