Ok, we all know the BttF movies, but I have a particular question about Part 2.

When Marty and Doc go back to 1955, we learn that Biff, a high school student at the time, has a '46 Ford. We also learn that he has to pay $300 to have his car repaired because of the manure shenanigans that take place in the first movie. So how the hell is he able to afford the repairs, let alone the car?

Keep in mind that this is when Biff from 2015 goes back to give him the sports almanac. So he hasn't won his riches yet. Furthermore, his house is a total shithole. He also never speaks of any job.

$300 is a lot for a high school student now. They're lucky if they make $300 a paycheck. Yet, Biff is able to afford a fairly decent automobile plus a $300 repair bill.

So what the f*ck?
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My god, an error of that magnitude. Report to IMDB, they'll give you your orders.

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You are aware that it's... you know, a movie... right?
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I'm pretty sure he was all but said to be sucking his mom's wallet dry. Also I bet it's her car and he says it's his.

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Maybe he's a male hooker? :gasp:
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maybe he had a lot of money saved up, shut up.

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It was probably his Grandma's car and her money.. or he beat up a bunch of kids and took their money lol.
Biff is a bully. He gets tons of money from mugging all the kids for their lunch money.

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He got it repaired but didn't pay for it? He didn't say he paid $300, he just said Marty caused $300 damage to the car. Maybe he had a buddy fix it for free, maybe he made payments, maybe he intimidated the guy into fixing it for free. Then again maybe he had a job and had saved up $300. Lots of plausible possibilities. Also, back in '55, a '46 Ford wasn't a classic car yet, it was just old. It's like considering a car from 2001 a classic today.
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Well he could do this because IT WAS A MOTHER ****ING MOVIE... Stop wasting mind power on this, and solve an actually problem.... Tens bucks you get butthurt reading this.
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I would have to be ****ing Terry Schivo to care any less about that.
It was the 50s man, no recession and everyone could afford anything...amirite?
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Regardless, best movie(s) ever right there.
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