Hey all. I was really sick today (i still kinda am) and in between barfing i made a song about puke, and love.

It's called "Puke-Drunk Love", aren't i clever?

Warning: It's filled with auto-tune. But it's GarageBand auto-tune so i still had to get my voice up to the high notes haha. So let me know what you think!

C4C, of course gents!

You can listen here! www.doug-justice.tumblr.com

(It's the first "Click to play" link). If you want, i have two other songs just below that one so listen up if you like!


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I guess the topic matter was meant to be humorous, but it's not exactly appealing. Some of the drums worked well, and some of the drums didn't seem to work at all in my opinion. Some of the keyboards reminded me of Disneyland for some reason. Not liking the barf noises, but some of your singing is good. Not sure if you used the AutoTune to do the harmonizing. Some of the AutoTune vocals were interesting. Some parts of this song are OK, but it certainly isn't your best work. You need to get well soon my friend!
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funny shit dude, not necessarily my style but nice work. i think the drums are kinda low in the mix but other than that great