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What are the songs that make you teary-eyed and sad/happy.

Songs/solos/lyrics. Drum patterns if you're into that.

Just now, i got all bawwww about John Petrucci's "Wishful Thinking". THE most emotional instrumental I've heard. Close seconded by Maybeshewill's "Not For Want of Trying". A surprising contestant. To me at least.

What makes your tissues dissapate?

(yes there is SIMILAR threads. I feel this is more direct)
I don't know, but I have on Buckethead -Machete right now and I am JAMMIN'.

edit: fuck it ended, I have to start that bitch over.
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I'm not a big Staind fan, but their song "Epiphany" makes me really really sad and as close to tears as I've ever been for a song.
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there was a Jpop from 07' that made me cry 60% of the time i listened and 100% of the time when i watched the video. but i dont remember what its called

i just know its
-made by a 4 person group that sings and dances, 2 female and 2 male
-it's japanese
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Staind has a bunch of emotional songs. But I get emotional over a lot of songs, so...

Probably Tonight, Tonight by TSP. Lots of nostalgia/history/memories in that song. Second place is Fade by Staind. Such a sad song... I can kind of relate...
Peste Noire's Laus Tibi Domine..The build up to the end, and then those last minutes...Just pure hate, and desperation.

The tapping, and the screams..and the oh man. Easily one of my favourite songs..or alternatively..

This entire god damn album.
Definitely The Best of Times by Dream Theater.
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Mercedes Benz gets to me everytime. I've never heard something that sounded that perfect.
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Pearl Jam - Black

Opeth - To Bid You Farewell

Metallica - Fade to Black

The Flaming Lips - Once Beyond Hopelessness/basically the entire Christmas on Mars soundtrack

Animal Collective - Fall Be Kind (the whole EP)

Immortal Technique - You Never Know

Secret Machines - Sad and Lonely

I don't actually get teary-eyed because of songs, but I do get depressed.
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Kuolema Tekee Taiteilija by Nightwish

I forgot about that one, litsening to it now.

EDIT: I don't even speak/understand Finnish.

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Definitely The Best of Times by Dream Theater.

The solo on its own is enough to set me off. But once you know what the songs about, I defy anyone to even REACH the solo.
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I was at a family friend's funeral and they played "Always With Me, Always With You" by Joe Satriani. That song is as emotional as guitar gets. Definitely gets me as emotional as a song can. Also "Mother" by Pink floyd. Gotta love your mom.
Everything dies by type o negative makes me feel kinda emotional I guess. I am sad I never got to see them in concert before Pete died :-(

other than that...not really
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I was about to post this. It took me two times listening to it, but as I sat there, reading the lyrics along with the song, I had tears in my eyes. That never happened to me before with any song.
Wind Beneath My Wings

Played at my granddad's funeral supposedly, I was too young to remember. Still, it played on TV on one of those 'greatest tearjerkers' music shows, and it's one of the few times I've seen my mum cry.

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Basically all of Wish you Were Here, some parts off The Wall and Time by Pink Floyd.
Fade to Black by Metallica.
And Let it Be by The Beatles.

They all just sort of make me think I guess.
A couple years ago at my grandfather's funeral at one point they starting playing the Star Spangled Banner. I couldn't keep the tears back as soon as I heard it. My dad too.

Miss you Grampa
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Soul Embraced - In Memory is one Iv'e rediscovered in the wake of posting this. It's amazing the power just a 2 minute instrumental can have on a person's emotions.
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Oh. My. God. That was... beautiful. I can only hope that one day I could ever create something as healing as that to someone else as that was to me.
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Dream Theater - Wither, Forsaken, I Walk Beside You
Nevermore - The Heart Collector
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Tonight and 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins for nostalgia

Karma Police by Radiohead

The end of To Bid You Farewell by Opeth

Night and the Silent Water by Opeth
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1979 by Smashing Pumpkins
Creep by Radiohead. That song makes me ****in cry every time I hear it. Including right now and it just started.

Those are 2 of my favorite songs.
Hmm... Allow me to think of some that haven't been mentioned yet..

Death Cab for Cutie-We Laugh Indoors, Transatlanticism, A Lack of Color, (among others)
Fleet Foxes-Oliver James
The Format-On Your Porch
Band of Horses-Saint Augustine

Ne me quitte pas mon chere.
My Half - Venetian Snares
Mea Culpa - The Human Abstract
White Walls - Between the Buried and Me
Phoenix in Flight - Converge
Heaven In Her Arms - Converge
Miss Balaton - Venetian Snares

sooo many more, but those are the ones that get me consistently.
im surprised we havent heard cats in the cradle by harry chapin
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I cannot thank you enough for enlightening me with this. You deserve some kind of "stack" but I don't think one would be worthy.

It has also reminded me of another modern-classical song I love to tears.

Ludovico Einaudi. I've used so much tissue paper in this thread. This song isn't helping.

Of course the Gary Jules version, Tears For Fears may have written it but honestly their version sucks.
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Green Fields of France - Dropkick Murphys version.
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In loving memory by Alter Bridge ALWAYS makes me tear up. The second chorus, when he sings with that raw emotion is so unbearable. It made me cry in front of my girlfriend. So not cool.

Also, the new Pearl Jam song Just Breathe. The first few times I really listened to it, I cried like a baby. Then i kind of overdid it, and it lost it's affect. Still a great song though.
"We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment"

Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
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