This song is metalcore but it has some Piano.

I'm no drummer so if anyone can write better drums in the same vein as mine that would be aprecciated

If you leave a crit i'll crit you back to the best of my abilities

Note: the solo is a work in progress.

EDIT: A few posts down is an updated version of my song. Please listen to that instead of this one.
Metalcore with Piano.zip
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This is actually pretty good. Most piano incorporation is bad in my opinion, but this sounds nice. The only problem that I have with this song is that its really drawn out like the breakdowns, the interlude, and the intro.

This is a really nice piece of work you have though, man. I dig it.

You should check out my songs that I just posted!

Alright, critting as I go here.

So far I like the piano, but the rhythm is too low. I'd suggest putting that up to 16. And I think the riff on bar 18 and 19 and so on should continue instead of stopping. So put that let ring on, I'd suggest. Or just put the last note to a half, not dotted.

Section 4, rhythm is too boring here, needs bass, and try using 2nd harmonies.

Breakdowns were nothing new, all breakdowns are the same to me. The piano was a nice touch, so I gotta give you kudos on that.

Interlude was nice. Not much to say there.

Breakdown, same thing.

Solo was alright, needs work, seems like you're not done anyway. The riff on bar 130 just kinda hurt my ears. Try continuing that C note onto that bar but have it bend up to the next note on the scale, then back down.

Same with the breakdowns like I've said before. Never been a fan, I actually don't like them, but "Breakdown part 2" I actually do like.

The outro was good too, I liked that. The riff really sticks to you, it's pretty catchy.

Overall it's an alright song, got some good riffs in there, needs work. Maybe needs structure, like a scale.

I did the drums for you like you asked up until bar 89. I'm pretty good with percussion, but there's a lot of people on here who are amazing at it, but I still took a shot at it. I only did a bit of it because, well one reason is I'm pretty tired, and just so you can take a look at what I did and maybe fix up the rest yourself. I didn't get good with percussion by having other people do it. Just look at other songs and other tab's percussion and work on it yourself.

Metalcore With Piano Percussion.zip
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