I'd appreciate any advice anyone has for me on this. Mainly looking for critique on my vocals, but I'll take anything. C4C.

Vey nice cover man, Elliott Smith was a true genius, one of the best songwriters this century, I think. I often cover Angeles at open mic nights, such an amazing song, I'd recommend you listen to it, if you haven't already. I'm guessing you will have though, you seem like a pretty big fan, which is brilliant to see.

Quality isnt great, but then again, for me, thats all part of the charm of the original recordings, and doesnt detract from what is a great cover, well done

The vocals are really fitting to the song, I feel, you did an awesome job with them.

If you have spare time, I would really appriciate some feedback on my cover of Heartbeat by Jose Gonzalez, which is the first song on my profile playlist.