Hello everyone!
So I need a new amp, and while I know alot about guitars, I know basically nothing about amps; thus I am calling upon the gentle(ish) folk of the GG&A forum for an amp suggestion.

I am starting a band in the vein of folk-rock jam bands (think Dispatch...if you don't know Dispatch then look them up, you won't be disappointed.) Anyway, we hope to gig, and my amp really doesn't cut it.
I will be playing with a drummer, a sax player, a keyboardist, and a bassist. So with instrumentation like that I will be alternating between lead and rhythm and support lines all the time, so I'm gonna need to be able to play through all that.

So onto the amp: I'm going to need something with:

1) A good clean sound. I can always dirty it up later with pedals, but I'll be clean alot of the time.

2) Something loud enough for bar gigs w/o a PA. It doesn't need to be a 150W monster or anything...by the time I need one of those I'll be playing places where I'll be mic'd anyway...but with all those players (especially our drummer...he needs to learn to play below fortissimo) I'm gonna need to be able to cut through for solos, and be loud enough to be heard for rhythm/support.

3) I want something that isn't too bright or chunky. I already have a strat, and don't wanna over do it. Obviously most things with an EQ will be able to handle this anyway.

4) Combo...its gotta be a combo. A head and cabinet is a) too expensive and b) way too much to carry for me :P

I was hoping to only spend $400 on this (less maybe?) but if I end up playing something that's more and I love it then I'll spring for it...but I don't think I'd go over $500 unless its something really special.

I hope I gave you guys enough info, if you have any other questions about what I'm looking for in tone, or amp specs then go ahead and ask.
Thanks for all your time guys,


EDIT: Oh , and I'm completely willing to buy used. New would be nice because its not scary that you got ripped off on something about to break down, but I am perfectly ok with suggestions for used equipment.
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Just going strictly off of a good clean sound, I would suggest a Peavey Valveking or a Roland JC-120.
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^he has a $400-500 budget and you suggest a valveking?

Look at Fender tube amps, used Vox tube amps, or Peavey Classic 30 or 50
pretty sure dispatch used fender amps
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