So, in a few days I'll have my employee discount back at Guitar Center. As such, I've been looking into revamping a lot of stuff, and I figure I'll go full-circle and redesign my recording setup. Currently I'm running a Blues Junior mic'd with an SM57 into a basic M-Audio Interface going into Garageband, though until I finish repairing my recording space I've been running into the amp sims in Garageband, which was what I ended up using for my album. The upgrades I was planning on were as follows;

1. Get an independent SM58 for vocals and maybe an SM57 for acoustics.
2. Upgrade the M-Audio interface to either a Digidesign M-Box or a higher-end M-Audio interface(Opinions between them?).
3. Get a MIDI keyboard to use to program drum, keyboard, string, and various other parts, rather than having to rely on a loop to give me what I want. They're handy when you want to just create something random. "Hmm...alright, let's see what nifty basslines there are." But you want to have a conscious human going through the parts if you have the idea in your head.(I used loops for everything on my first album, I want to be able to program the drums and synths, and do the guitars, bass and vocals myself this time)
4. Completely rework my guitar setup(New guitar is on the way, looking into definitely a new amp and probably some new effects, see some of my threads in the gear forum for more on that all) to get the sound I have that much closer to the sounds I hear.
5. Soundproof the recording room, rather than just turning it up and hoping nobody asks me to turn it down mid-take.
6. Upgrade my DAW either to Logic Express or Ableton, depending on which is a better fit for my needs.
7. Maybe buy one or two of the various Apple Jam Packs.

So, thoughts? Recommendations to add or remove? Calls on stuff I'm unsure of? As always, everything is appreciated.

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