What genre is this and which guitar or pickup would give me a similar sound? And should this kind of genre be played with a low or high action?

I'm using a peavey raptor exp plus with a modded boss DS-1 and roland cube 30x amp but my tone isn't as "full" sounding. And just to check, the tone in that video is a distortion one and not overdrive, right?

Aaaaand, this isn't really important but is the tone from this video created in post-production? Is it even possible for an electric guitar to sound like this live?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjK8njx4fb4 (skip ahead to 0:40)

I know there are a lot of questions, so sorry :p
And thanks
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Those are pretty standard tones, especially for J-Rock/anime/Japanese video game music. Hell, every track in every Dynasty Warriors game is laced with it. The first one is solid state clipping with a lot of chorus and reverb, plus a little delay. It sounds like there is a harmonised track in there too, which would be either a second guitar or a dubbed track. The second one is more like light valve clipping plus some digital clipping, fairly strong chorus and a touch of reverb. It also sounds in the second one as if the mid frequencies have been reduced after the amp, producing an almost scooped tone. You could do that with any EQ pedal put in the effects loop of your amp, or you could just scoop the mids very slightly in the amp's own EQ section.

Your guitar is fine. Your amp, ideally, would be a valve amp although that Cube isn't too bad, it can do a good enough job as it is, just make sure not to put the treble control too high and you'll want to put the mid control up higher than you would if you were using a valve amp. The DS-1 isn't of too much help, although it's not entirely useless; set the level control beyond halfway, put the gain control almost completely off (roughly the 8 o'clock position) and the tone control just under the halfway point. The main thing you want to get, if that's the kind of tone you like, is a chorus pedal or a mutli-effect/modulation pedal which includes chorus, delay, flange, phaser and reverb. Univibe can help too. All of those are effects commonly used in that kind of J-rock-ish music. Frankly those kinds of tones are more about what effect processor you have rather than what guitar or amp you have.
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you might have really thin strings. bigger strings = bigger tone. also the guitar that she uses might have high output pickups, or its a nicer guitar. maybe she has a compressor or something

Edit: as far as the guitar, and action, its really your preferrance. prs guitars have a really nice tone, but its mostly the pickups that you have. the nut too. get a bone nut.
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Thanks! My chorus effect on my amp sounds as though it has flanger in it when I strum though. Is that normal? I always have my mid set past the mid-point so I'll try turning it back. I don't have most of the equipment you mentioned but I'm glad the second vid's tone is doable

I'm using 9s at the moment for strings. Would 11s be just right without it being too stiff?
I'm getting my raptor setup tomorrow, so I'll look into getting a bone nut. Even the name sounds cool as hell lol