Title says most of it. my current set up is amp > sm57 > line6 toneport > (average to mediocre specced) PC for guitars, DI bass whenever I get a ahold of a real bass, otherwise its just programmed or pitch shifted clean guitar recorded the same way as previously mentioned. vocals I'm using the same mic, sm57, and I'm mixing on my computer speakers. drums are programmed in addictive and thats not going to change because its not possible at all for me to get a drum recording set up right now...apartment bedroom and such. my results aren't terrible but I feel like I could improve it.

for examples of my current quality of recording, you can take a listen to the two songs that are up here: http://www.myspace.com/starsfell both were done using the set up previously described. (recorded using a real bass as opposed to programming or pitch shifting) I'm aware that most of my problems lie in my inability to mix like a pro. but I'm definitely still looking to improve on the hardware front. so yeah! be detailed and specific and such, and don't worry about price unless its completely ridiculous like 3000$ for a mic or something.
Buy a Bass guitar or a condenser mic like a Rode NT1-A. Also, a good set of monitors would be a good investment.
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Yeah if it's the recording/mixing part you wanna improve get studio monitors. You'll never look back. Since I got my pair (even though they're cheap) my mixes have improved 100%.
I definitely like the idea of getting a condenser. Plus that rode has a bundle on musiciansfriend where it comes with a pop filter and such, another thing I need...seems pretty ideal.

What do you guys think about an interface upgrade though? I've been using the toneport for something like 5 years...surely something better could improve my sound? Though if you think a new mic and monitors would be better as an immediate upgrade, I'm all for it.
I had the UX1 years ago and when it did work it sounded fairly good. The preamps were a bit noisy on board if you turned them up but It didn't mess up my mix too bad.

I now use a PreSonus FP10 and once I plugged that in I was blown away with the quality jump. I think it's the Preamps and ADA converters which really helped.

I say get the Rode NT1A first, be sure your interface has phantom power though.
Monitors I would upgrade next and lastly, look into a new interface. The Line6 UX1 and 2 are nice starts but they do have their limits.
Yeah I've never been really let down by the ux2. I mean after this long I've definitely almost mastered the thing, and I'm really confident that I'm using it to the best of it's abilities now.

Thats the road I'm gonna take then, luckily the ux2 has phantom power so getting the mic first is no problem. Ill keep that presonus interface in mind too...I like how it has 8 inputs too. The only issue is I'd have to get a firewire card because right now I've just got USB. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it though, thanks for all the advice!






4 gigs or ram
at least a 3.0 ghz processor dual core
and a hard drive of at least 250 gigs 7200 rpm or more.

Same response I gave to the other guy.
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Tutorial: Studio Quality Programmed Drum Sounds
Try these:
(I plugged the sku number into the sites search)


Personally, I can't see spending so much on such a small interface like the mBox Pro...
also the FP10 is nice but I would go with the newer Firestudio Project if ya go with one of those larger PreSonus interfaces as im sure the old FP10 will be discontinued in a year or two. It took them FOREVER just to make Windows 7 drivers...
i would recommend a MOTU of some sort: http://www.motu.com/products/motuaudio

And a better PC. At least 4GB of RAM and Dual/Quad Core 3GHz+ Processor.

Edit: Oh, and a Music Technology course of some kind if you want to get better at Production.

Also The Alesis M1 Active MK2 are ment to be good monitor Speakers. Also maybe invest in some headphones. i use Audio Technica ATH-M50s. They are incredible.

i recommend Superior Drummer, i find it to be the best Drum VST Plugin out there.
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Right now, your weakest link is not having monitors.

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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Quote by moody07747
Personally, I can't see spending so much on such a small interface like the mBox Pro

Especially since the average person would see that you don't get much extra compared to the Mbox 2 that it makes it worth the extra $500. The average person on this board isn't going to need the 4 line outs, 2 headset outputs and world clock input. Sure, you'll benefit from it being firewire but its not going to make much difference. I've had fully loaded sessions on my Mbox before (think like 12ish tracks, loaded with effects and several virtual instruments) and noticed no lag over USB while either listening or recording.

Ranting aside, Monitors (The KRK Rockit 6's or 8's are a good choice) & a condenser mic (Rode NT1-A is a good choice) are a place to start. If you're looking for a better interface, check Ebay for an Mbox 2 Factory. They run about $400 there which beats the $600 at Guitar Center.
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