So I have an old $200 Dean ML XM (the black one). I rarely play it and usually only do when I play in really low tunings because I always have heavy string gauges on it. I want to put some diamond plate on it just for looks and its a cheap guitar so I dont really care to modify it a bit. I was wondering how I would do this and if it would affect the tone in any way. Do I glue it, screw it in? What thickness plate? The body is lightweight paulowina wood and I'm pretty sure its hollow.

And I'm not covering the entire guitar, just kinda like a pick guard looking thing.

And if this really isn't a good idea at all, tell me.
Ive got the dean 10,000 commemorative razorback, the diamond plate isnt actually made of metal, its plastic, its screwed in with a ton of screws.
doesnt effect the tone in any way but makes it look badass.
Glue it dude, that's what my teachers would say. Also, make sure the thickness stays in the 3 ~ mm range, otherwise it might be heavy as hell for just a pickguard.

Edit: You know what? **** that, if you can screw it, just use Phillip's flat headed screws.
there is also a self-drilling kind, but I never used them, so I can't give you an opinion on those

Edit again: that sounded a bit harsh, let me explain why. If you glue it, the result will be better looking as it will be cleanly attached.
But also it is a pain in the ****ing ass, because you will have to get strip down to the wood the part that is supposed to make contact with the diamond plate because the kind of glue you need melts the finish and makes a total mess.
I assume you don't have access to a bench drill (taking into account that very few people actually have one in their homes) so if you decide to drill it, you have a kind of hard task to make the holes, if you really want to make it look good. The thing is, if it is screwed into place, you have the chance to reverse the process at any time you want and you don't have to mess with the finish.
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not glues.

also to mg sora,
screwing it would be just as cleanly attached? you just have a couple of screws in it.
and even if you were glueing it, you wouldnt use the stuff that melts the finish and bonds it like that. you'd probs just use hot glue, so that if you wanted, you could heat it up again and take the plate off.

and you dont need a bench drill to do it?
drills holes in the plate first,
than put the plate on top of the guitar and mark the holes.
then drill small guide holes into the guitar (gotta be smaller than the thread of your screws)
then put the plate on top, and screw it in.

just be careful and you wont have any problems
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Go on ebay and search for "diamond plate vinyl". No need to go with a metal sheet, if you don't want to.
I'd go with the metal. My friend has a diamond plate pickguard for this Fender J. Not only does it look pretty sick, but it does affect tone. I wouldn't have thought it would, but somehow it definitely seems to create a more defined high-end on said instrument.
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