Alright, well, this has been kickin' my butt. I can write decent guitar riffs and songs, but I can't write lyrics or vocal music to go with it. I can write lyrics, but then I can't come up with guitar for it.

What's the best course of action? Any tips on how to write vocal music? Thanks!
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well you can do 1 of 2 things,

you can think of a vocal melody you like, and write a riff that is in the same key that sounds good with it


you can write a riff that you like, and you can make up a melody that fits on top of it.

the second choice is easier because you can do what i call pulling a paranoid, which is just having the vocal melody follow the guitar riff completely.
If you're making riffs, i'd just record them somehow and find chords to go with, and use those chords as a verse or chorus, then just build off of there, its easier to put a melody over chords than it is over riffs, for me anyway. Is that what you were asking?
I don't write lyrics.. but when I write music for a song.. I usually base it off of any idea I might come up with at the moment.. be it a bassline, guitar riff, or maybe theres a certain sound im going for.. i try to build something around it
I've tried many different approaches. I find the best way is to play chords and try to sing to it. The best tip I can give is to record what you're playing. Listen back to yourself and see what you can change to the melody to make it better. And be patient. A lot of good songs started out as B-sides, but once the bands recorded them and played them more, the songs started to grow and become hits. In my experience it takes a while before you realise that what you've written has potential. Good luck!
You could start by planning the whole song in advance

I found a cool lesson thats helped me a lot that tells you how to do this. I'll see if I can find it and post it here.

bassically, if you start with an outline of the entire song, you can then continue with whatever part you want, and always have the plan to fall back to when your finnished so you don't get "off topic" and so you can keep all the different parts working together.

EDIT: heres the link
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