I got a fender hrd. I love the cleans. The distortion is god awful for anything but a tiny bit of blues crunch. I've been considering many distortion pedals and I found the blackstar. It sounds great from what I've heard on youtube and I'm excited by it seeming so versatile. What is everyones thoughts on the pedal? I seem to recall blackstar being very popular around these parts....
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I think the Dual is more of a distortion pedal. For blues, get an overdrive pedal like an Fulltone OCD, Ibanez ts808, maxon od9 etc.
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Oh I'm not a huge blues player. I love the blues but I generally do not play it too much. I think it would be pretty awesome sounding to put an od in front of the blackstar.
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell

Whats your budget?

Look into:

Wampler Triple Wreck
Okko Dominator
G2D Morpheous
Emma PisdiYAUwot
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I'm not really shopping around I was just asking opinion on this particular pedal but I'll check em out. I'd say budget eh I'd like to stay under $200 unless I love it but won't spend a nickel over $250
Pm me if you've got some pedals to sell