I've been playing in bands for about 7 years now, and been jamming with dudes for about 13

In this time I've noticed that sometimes other musicians will work out, and quite often they won't. I've jammed with dreamers, drug users, guys who insisted on wearing corsets and lingerie on stage, guys who insist on playing the most godawful songs about some shitty dream they had, and people who wanna take a solo in every bar. This isn't such a hard thing to work through, you either quit the band or tell them to leave, and start again.

However, by far the biggest nightmare has to be the "nice guy" - the guy who is super friendly, reliable, really loves all your ideas.. but just can't cut it musically. It's the worst when they take all the criticism on board, and are happy to keep working on it, but they never quite get there. When nothing is too much trouble for them, it's hard not to keep giving them one more chance, and so months of shitty jams go by, wasting your time and destroying all your enthusiasm, moticvation and morale. And when the inevitable comes and you eventually tell 'em it's just not working out, you feel about 3 inches tall for having to do this to someone who has been so cool to you.

So, everyone, please make the effort to be a little bit unreliable and to act like an asshole to your fellow musicians. That way, if things aren't working out, they won't feel so bad about it.

It's common courtesy really.
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