Okay; sorry for (probably) clogging up the forums, but I couldn't find any other related threads.

Ok, so I am a Blues and Jazz player, who also takes a slight interest in tech death. I am currently putting money aside on a regular basis to get myself either http://tiny.cc/aneightstring an eight string only in white (the link was miles long i shortened it), or a nice fender strat which I would mod, put in a synth pickup and a custom made scratch plate.

so far i can see pros as:
on the eight string; 4 octave range (when tuned to drop e), can also play more convincing bass lines on it, i could finally seal the deal on playing bass lines and chord lines/solos simultaneously, can also play tech death, generally awesome guitar.

Cons for 8 are: shitty pickups for jazz imo, very expensive to source the strings in the long run, getting a shell case for that thing will be a bitch.

my budget is roughly a max of £1200. basically, in your opinion, if you acquired a grand out of nowhere, what would you choose? (knowing the pit, the word fender will probably come up a lot)

thanks for your time. =]
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