hey guys, i wanna know if a 7 string would be for me.
the guitar i have is in my sig, it isnt that bad, but i feel like a change.

im leaning towards a 7 string (will be an agile unless i can find an amazing deal on eBay) because i play heavier stuff, and some bands i like use 7 strings some times, so it will give me versatility.

my guitar now is a bit small for my liking. i myself am a big person, so i feel like i need a big guitar (agile will have 27" scale and obviously a thicker neck) right now i can barely get my fingers comfortably on the 19th fret +

so yeah..should i get one of those agiles?

another thing, is the agile a quality guitar? i havnt heard many bad things about them. how are the pick ups? and is the floyd any good? or should i spend the extra $100 and get a hardtail

sorry if its a pretty common/generic question :P

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I'm no expert on those guitars.. But I know from personal experience that the Ibanez RG 1527 prestige is the best guitar I've ever had the pleasure of playing (IMO). Idk if you dig Ibanez or not but it is THE easiest thing I've ever played hands down. I got mine for about 600 without S&H like new!
dunno about agiles, but ive got an ibanez S7320, I like the whole 7 string thing, but I personally dont like the flat neck, I like a bulky curved neck.
apparently agiles are of decent quality, but if youre getting a 7 string, you may as well get an 8, im selling my ibanez within about 6 months of having it coz i want an 8 stringer.
check out www.sevenstring.org for more info about agile, their forums have a lot of info on them.
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but if youre getting a 7 string, you may as well get an 8,

And if he only listens to 7 string bands you realize how stupid this post is right?

TS, I've heard the only good licensed floyds are FRTs, Jackson floyds, and some Ibanez models. That being said, you may be better off with a hardtail. Also since I know there are some 7 string bands that play half step down while others play in other tunings and whatnot. If you plan on changing tunings often the hardtail is better.