Hi all!

I'm looking for some advice in choosing new pickups for my Les Paul Ultra II...

I've had this guitar for 2 years and now I want to upgrade it...

First: I'm considering Graphtech Resomax nv2 bridge and black tusq xl nut. Is this a good idea?

Second: the biggest problem is that I really don't like this guitar sound when using some distortion pedal... my older guitar ( a 100$ reeeeeally bad guitar ) sounds better with some distortion applied...

I play mostly Dream Theater stuff, and I play in a metal/hard rock cover band so I started looking for new pickups and since I have a dimarzio dealer not too far away I was wondering which would fit better my LP...

I came up with 3 options

1 - Evolution pickups on both neck and bridge
2 - Liquifire pickups on both neck and bridge
3 - CrunchLab bridge and liquifire neck

I have no idea which one would fit a les paul better...
The first one seems a good multipurpose and the third a good one for petrucci's stuff but I have no experience in pickups so I'm asking which would be better for me and if there are better configurations that I ignored

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my bad english !)
I'll say it before 50 others say it. Get a new GOOD amp before pickups. If you don't have a decent tube amp, even 300 dollar hand wound pickups will give you nearly NO improvement in tone.

Also I don't think you would get too much difference in that bridge, doesn't seem worth the 80 USD. The nut can't hurt, but unless you have a tremolo or if you current nut is 'rough' and catching the strings, then again, might not be worth the time and money.

-What amp are you currently using?
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I actually run a pod x3 live through an HH Electronics VX-150... it is an old but amazing high performance power amplifier... clean sounds are amazing but I struggle getting good distorted lead sounds (and my x3 doesn't really help ) ....

I was also looking for a good amp head to get in the future but now since my band mates use no amps and go straight into the mixer I have to do the same thing... don't ask me why 'cause I don't know the answer
well it sounds to me you need a better quality effects processor. with rigs like that you are slaves to your effects since you have no motor (amps). your pedals (drivers, processors, whatever BS you want to call it) are flintstoneing your butts to get your sound out.

quality in = quality out. if your not running amps cause you dont want to get good sound from a 500+ amp, then you need to compensate by buying a 500+ effects processor.

there is no win. only opinion and easy of use (hey 1 board is easier than an entire amp setup to use, setup, and tranport). however, quality in = quality out.

nomatter how you cheat, you pay in the end. thats why sansamp bass drivers etc are 200+ and otehrs, and good processors are well over 500 for some.
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Ok I understand the point...

I change my question: assuming that I have a good amp which pickup configuration can be the best for my les paul?

(I ask this because I'm probably getting an used marshall stack from a friend who's probably going to sell it in the next months)
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What type of marshall stack? (out of curiousity)

It should be an hybrid tube head and a stereo cabinet... don't know the model precisely...