I have a squier cv telecaster, which I was really pleased with until it stopped working. It is silent no matter what combination of volumes, tones, pick ups etc. I know the lead and amp are fine because my LP copy is still working fine.
I have had a quick look inside but can't see any loose wires or anything.
I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the problem may be. Also I know very little about maintenance. Would it be worth taking to my local store and asking if they can repair it, or with it only been a £220 guitar should I just buy another?
Thanks in advance
sounds like there could be a broken wire in the jack. easy fix too. just open the jack and see if there is a loose or broken connection
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either a jack problem or a volume pot problem... either way if you take it in to a local music shop they most likely wont charge you to tell you whats wrong with it, and to fix it maybe £5 or £10 + parts to fix it.
I wouldn't buy a brand new guitar just because the old one " stopped working ". It's probably a jack problem. I'm sure the music store guys will figure it out, good luck.
its funny when people post up an ad saying that they're selling an electric guitar that is supposedly "broken" and it'll be quite an expensive guitar going for such a really low price and the only problem was that a wire was loose or disconnected.
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learn to solder and save yourself some cash, pickups don`t die, so it`s got to be wiring, if you can`t spot any bad joints try cleaning the pots with compressed air to blow any crap out, then a electrical contact cleaner, if all that fails rewire it.

have you tried just turning the volume pot
Well, since your guitar will be going under the knife anyway, you might as well upgrade all the electronics.

Order one of these kits before you bring it in. And when the kit comes in, just have the shop install it for you. You'd be surprised how much a wiring upgrade can liven up a cheaper guitar. Plus these are pretty in-expensive ($45 and under).
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