Hi, I wanted to install a Sustainiac in either my:

Schecter Hellraiser Avenger (with SD invader pickups)


Schecter C1 Blackjack ATX FR

and was wondering:

1. Which would you put it in?
2. Anyone have any experience with Sustainiacs? Much work to put in? Sound good? Does the neck pickup sound good when just used as a normal pickup?
3. Anyone regret putting a Sustainiac in their guitar?

The blackjack has active blackouts, and the FR will be fun with the Sustainiac.


The Avenger has invaders, i'm using it to play Avenged Sevenfold stuff (i know..) and the Avenger still has the battery casing left from when it had active EMGs.
Thanks for the links salgala2000. I've read all the UG threads that came up in a search on 'sustainiac', most more than once, but thanks all the same, and especially for the last one on the projectguitar forums. Will check it out.

Yes, i'm a Synyster Gates fan. Was it that obvious? lol
dont install it your self unless you have had lots of experience soldering and working with electronics.

during the installation process it get really messy and crowded trying to fit it in, for the sake of maybe £50, its worth getting it done properly by an elctronic or guitar luther.

In my opinon, I would put it in the C1 because it has a flloyd rose tremolo (fun to use with the sustainer)