Emaciated warriors fighting for their right to speak
Meet in unlit alleyways to curse the ones in power
Skeletons of needles and the crack whores look so dirty
In their camouflage of yellow-stained bedsheets and pillowcases
And they kiss each other indignantly to pass the time away
Harbouring the sickest thoughts and dreaming up games of lust
In the softest of white powder to find a cure against puncturing
For a corner of their ideal heaven, they'd sacrifice their wealth

Knife-wielding necrophiliacs stand in line outside the morgue
Waiting to see if the rules will change so they can feel fulfilled
The prostitute desperate for money holds a coat-hanger just in case
For the rates she charges she'll never make it past the clinic doors
Idiots dream their days away in fantasies of gold and sex
Hoping beyond all measurement that these dreams will bring them happiness
Little do they realise that what they crave is alone at home
Ingesting the last two antidepressants and putting their child to bed

The pimp sitting in his car packing heat to feel secure
Doubles the exposure time of his eyes to see all movement
Paranoia is the bastard child of pain and ignorance
And he'll head back to his hideout and spill blood to ease his mind
The lover waiting for her date admits he'll never come
There are always pills and a loaded gun waiting back at home
Her bedroom is so cold and dark and so fucking unappealing
She delays the inevitable and wanders lonely down an alleyway

They take her money, rape her and run off into the night
No one stops to lend a hand as they believe they are worse off
The darkness comes and swallows her and takes away her pain
Never has kneeling at the feet of death felt so good
The man whom she was waiting for is reading bedtime stories
To his three loving children who know nothing of his other life
A tale of sex, a tale of drugs, a tale of rock and roll
The prostitute glances at her phone, tuts and walks away

It's all or nothing but then again something in between
It's life and death but what about those struggling in the middle?
There are bills to pay and mouths to feed and no time for luxuries
But a story to tell in a few days time when all has been forgotten
Wow, that was fantasitc. Completely entrancing. The only line that didn't read well was...

The prostitute glances at her phone, tuts and walks away

...in the second to last stanza. But other than that is was really good Keep on Writing
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