The other day I slammed the thumb of my picking hand in my car door. Needless to say, I won't be picking anything for a while. I am here to look for some recommendations on exercises I can do while my thumb heals.

I know there is a lot of thumbless guitar work out there. You could simply say, "Learn a Stanley Jordan song," but I'm just not that good. So please, in you recommendation, consider that I'm not an amazing guitar player. Like I can play the tapping intro to Hot For Teacher, but not in a super articulate fashion. Hopefully that gives some perspective on what seems reasonable.

Man I'm sorry to hear about your thumb. That sux!! Do you do any fingerpicking?? Now would be a good time to learn picking hand finger independence (minus your thumb of course). There are a lot of good finger picking songs that you could work without the use of your thumb. First recommendation from me would be the Shinedown version of "Simple man". You could actually do the Skynyrd version as well fingerpicked and tuned a half step down. You can finger pick that without your thumb or you can practice picking hand finger independence on several strings relative to your fretting hand. Hey, if guys can play with a missing fretting hand finger you can play without your picking hand thumb for awhile.

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What Skywalker said. And if you get bored with fingerpicking, you can always work on your tapping. You could learn the tapping part of Steve Vai's "Bad Horsie," he goes across three strings there.