do you guys have any advice on how to get the independence of my ring and pinky finger up? its not bad right now. but id like to get it more advanced and havent seen an drills for that. thanks guys
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use every finger when pratising scales. learn some buckethead songs
Use your pinky as much as much as possible, for scales and improv. It's bloody awkward, and will be for a time. This is a long term thing though. While you're learning your other songs and whatever else you do, keep using your pinky wherever possible.
thats the thing though. i do use them for eerything. scales. songs. i even do a trill workout with them. just seems like they can improve though
Practice legato (hammer ons and pull offs) using only the ring and pinky fingers to develop strength and independence and do scales and be sure to emphasize the notes being played by those fingers. They are the two fingers that always require the most work so any exercise that implements them helps. Trills between the two are good as well. Guthrie Govan once said (yeah I know I'm talking about Guthrie again) that when hammering on with the ring and pinky, if they are weak, imagine that you are trying to drive those fingers right through the fretboard. This will strengthen them quickly and help develop independence faster.

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I would say...try learning extended and complcated stretch chords; the scales are good, but muscle memory will also want to feel comfortable using weird chords. idk learn stuff like 13 chords, diminished chords, and chords that have awkward fingerings, basically, google "jazz chords" (lol).

Always use scales as well, but learning the chords helps as well; i used to only really use 3 fingers, but when i got into jazz and experimental shizz, i had to use these crazy shapes, so after a while the pinkie finger became less awkward to use.
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will def try those weird chords and the hammering through the fret board. thanks guys all adive is appreciated