I've been thinking about getting a Jackson RR5 in a Trans black finish.
Problem is,it might have been discontinued cause i can't find it anywhere now.

So,here's my question:


When you look at the natural finish pic,it seems to have a flame male top.

So,here's my questions:
1.Is it? Is it possible to refinish a natural finished RR5 to a Trans black finish?

2.If so,how much time and money would it take if done in-store?
I'm asking this because i have limited time in america where it will be bought,so yeah, gotta check.If not ill get it done back home.
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It does look like it is flame maple. It would be possible to go to a trans black finish. estimate cost maybe 200 - 300 depending on where you go and usually depending on where you go again, it'll take 2 weeks for them to paint it...
(i know ridiculously long just to paint a guitar)
You can go to Warmoth.com and get that body style (It's the V2) and they can paint it what you want or send it unfinished and you paint it. Your able to customize the body as you wish, 1 -2-3- pickups, controls, etc. Hard to beat Warmoth products especially the necks.
You can also get it in any wood you want, Alder, Korina, Mahogany

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Alright,seems doable.
Which guide should i follow for finishing in a trans black finish?
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