Today I was playing "Under the Bridge", the well known classic by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Whilst playing the song and truly admiring the way John Frusciante pieced the riffs together, I started to become sad after recalling that he's no longer in the Chili Peppers. Personally, I believe that he made that band. He was pretty much what I loved the most about listening to them. But then i started wondering who would replace him (not that anyone really could).

I wanna know what you guys think. Who do you think will be the next guitarist in the Pepper's lineup?
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The guy did drugs and thought they wont affect his life in one way, and was actually proud of it, even though it did, massively. that i dont feel bad about. (cue people hating me)

in terms of music, he is amazing, and the reason why he is amazing is because unlike 90% of guitarists, he dosent feel the need to pepper a 30 second guitar solo with 150 notes. yeah, he made the band, he is an awesome player.

Personally, i would like to see an anonymous guitarist or someone who is very talented and not very well known come along instead of some really well known guitarist who isnt that good.
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