Hello again, I've posted a few times now, this forum is very good for constructive criticism. I've recorded a new song, which is completely different to everything else I've ever made (Well, made public)

This one actually has vocals. I'm pretty shy about my vocals, so this is the first time I've released a song to the public, outside my circle of friends.

I usually make ambient/experimental music with loads of random instruments, so making a song like this is pretty strange to me. As it stands, it's quite easily the least experimental thing I've ever made, which ironically makes it one of the most experimental too, in relation to everything else I've done.

Anyway, enough chit-chat, the song is called Heavy Eyes, and I'd appreciate constructive criticism, thank you for listening!

Reviewing as I listen: I like the intro acoustic work. Very nice, it puts me in a good mood . The vocals aren't bad bro they just need a little work. Sometimes it sounds a bit rushed, haha wow this is a strange song but not that that means its a bad song at all. I'm enjoying it . Ohh wow drums, I like them. But they're now certainly gone haha There are surprises everywhere in the song, good job bro! Just the vocals need a bit of work. Oh dude, take my advice with a grain of salt. It's just an opinion. Again, good job!

Crit my demo? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1349499

EDIT: I like Look After Yourself
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Oh, I REALLY appreciate the positive reception, thank you so much! I was so afraid of being torn apart for my novice vocals, haha. It seems odd to me that you think the song is weird, because to me it sounds incredibly normal. But I'm glad people still think it's weird, haha.

Yeah, I'm hoping my vocals will improve as I gain more confidence, I'm glad they're passable so far. Thank you so much for the feedback!

Oh, hah, thanks about the other song too, that was a bit of a piano exercise which I sort of looped.

Ill be checking your stuff out right now.
Hello I honestly think you have a very unique and entertaining style. I actually think you have a good voice as well. I feel like there's a sort of psychedelic theme to the song as well. I like the part that begins at 2 mins and 30 seconds. Overall though, I think the song is atmospheric, brilliantly unique, and I really enjoyed the vocals. They suit the song very well. Great work! Keep up it up. I'll check a few more of your songs out too!
Cool song! Its a totally different sound, cant really pick a genre to fit it. Which is a good thing cause its not copy cat. But like others have said, great voice, just need to work on relaxing a bit but otherwise great!! Keep it up
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i think you did a good job, really enjoyed the acoustic picking. thought the vocals sounded a little dead, and the melody is very droning but it really is interesting to listen to. very good job, the only thing i would really think of changing would be to add a little more personality to your vocals, in the way you phrase things and emphasis certain words and such. just my 2 cents
Great job, surprised to hear something so experimental on here, i'm scared by the part starting 2:30 really freaky sounding and i like it. Only comment i could make on here is the same as the last comment about adding more personality to your vocals, however I imagine changing those vocals could effect the feel of the song. Its worth trying out a new approach, it may work.
I am genuinely surprised by people thinking this song is experimental, my aim was to take out everything experimental and make a normal song, that was my actual goal. I guess I just can't help it sounding experimental even if I try. That being said, I am very happy that you all think it's unique!

Thanks for the vocal critique, I appreciate it. I guess that's probably because I'm still shy and quiet when it comes to singing, I'm currently building more confidence. That voice is basically my normal talking voice matched to notes.

Thanks for the critique, guys!
Your voice sounds good man. I like the whistling parts too.
It was all very well written.
Thanks for the crit man, just getting around to responding to it all.
Your song is awesome!
I love the style, the odd atmosphere it presents, the vocals are very nice and calm.
I love the song as a whole.
It really does have a special vibe to it.
Keep it up man.