well I have a Squier Strat Standard Series plugged to a Marshall Valvestate amp, and there's this humming sound that keeps getting louder as I increase the gain. Now I know that single coils are single coils, and it's normal for them to HUM when you're trying to get a distorted sound, but this humming just stops and goes away as soon as I touch anything "metally" from the squier or the amp... I mean, this sound goes away if I touch the strings (even 1 single string), or the bridge, or the tuning keys, or the jack input, or the jack cable head... Even if I touch one these things with one single finger !
And when I disconnect the squier, the humming just goes on and on, until I decrease the gain or take the jack cable out of the amp. So I was wondering, is this normal ?
I really don't know a lot about this kind of guitar problems, but I think that this is definitely caused by a problem with the amp's input..
Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks
Yeah this is completely normal, it happens with all of my guitars through all of my amps, there's nothing wrong with your guitar or anything else
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Oh well that's really reassuring thanks a lot guys !
And I wouldn't have thought about a grounding problem, the guitar is too " new " for that I guess :S
Thanks all of you, I appreciate it
roll back on the guitars volume knob a bit. It's normal, but harder to get rid of with single coils.
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