Hello everybody,

I need to start my new home studio. I have a little money but not enough.

I have a PC Computer (Windows), Cool Edit Pro, an acoustic guitar, a SURE Microphone (SM58)...I think i have to buy a good sound card....

Any recommendation about a cheap sound card??

thanks a lot!!

Felix J. Arbelo
Co-Founder http://www.formusicians.net
good and cheap don't go together......whats your budget?
Are you going to connect this via USB or Firewire?

You're still using Cool Edit Pro!?!?!?? Adobe turned that into Audition ages ago. Version 3 is amazing and well worth the price if ya wanna spend some cash. Or you could go with a program known as Reaper which is a very popular choice.

Interfaces I suggest looking into:
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wow.. i ditched CEP almost 3 years ago, and it was ancient even then. Reaper is now my sequencer of choice.

You can get by without spending a fortune, but you don't want to cheap out on the interface/sound card. The interface is part of the hardware chain that can make or break your sound quality.
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