just wondering if someone could help me out here--just bought a Fender squier-made in china-maybe a couple of yrs old-saw the receipt where this person took it to a music store in 2008 and had it setup and replaced a new sety of fender lites--i haven't done anything to it-it sounds good to my ear in all major chords but on the G, B and Low E strings at the 8th. fret and below i'm getting some buzzing-how do you suggest i go about fixing it???
Seeing as how the guitar is at least a year-and-half overdue for a setup, you might want to start there.
Sounds like you are ready for a setup. More than likely you need to adjust the truss rod. It also could be a worn out nut, a bridge not set with being too low or the wrong radius. Look at the neck from the side and the end and see if there is any kind of a "bow" to it. Is the neck being pulled towards the strings or is it pulling the strings too much. If this is the case then the truss rod needs adjusting. Look at the bridge. Are the center saddles the same height as the ones on the end or are they a little higher. My guess is your radius should be 7.25. or 9.25. If so then the saddles should have a noticable arcwhich each end lower than the middle saddles. Check the nut and see if it is wore out or been trimmed or cut to fit larger strings.

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try replacing the strings after 1 and a half years.
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