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I have been looking all over the web recently searching for a guitar amp that I could gig with. I do not have an awful lot to spend (About £200) which is a bit of a bummer. I came across the Fender Frontman 212R online and was wondering if anyone has had any past experiences with this amp? It's 100 watts which is perfect for me but the sound quality is what really matters. Here is a link to for you to check out:

If you have any opinions on this amp or maybe you could recommend me something else, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks!
I've seen this exact same thread twice before but with different amps. The text was copied and pasted and each one linked to the same site. I'm calling advertising.
I'm just asking if anyone has had any experiences with the amp! I was thinking of buying and I just wanted others opinions! No need to report mate.
I have that amp. I am working to get rid of it. I need something that doesn't want to make me commit suicide. Serious save up and get something much better.
I let you get away so cleanly.
I was also considering getting it due to the low price and supposedly good clean tone is it a good clean?
£200? I picked up my all tube peavey ultra 212 for 300 used on ebay! Save up another hundred or so and look on ebay. Many decent amps to be had.
They are awful. Fender should be ashamed of themselves for putting their name on amp at that price that sounds that sickening. FACT.
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