Hi guys (and girls) I've been playing guitar properly now for about 3/4 years + and there is one thing I'm still struggling to do. How do people vibrato the string after doing a full step bend or even higher? At this point I'm presuming its just muscle memory and building finger muscle but is there any other technique involved or is that it? Cheers
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it takes practice and a wammy bar makes that so much easier
but its just like doing vibrato on a lower bend but higher
Although a whammy bar would make this easier you should learn to do it with the fretting hand first. When you're bending a step or step and a half up you're always using more than one finger to do it. In most cases you will use 3 fingers to get that bend with your finger closest to the bridge holding the note you're bending. From that point you use your whole hand to accomplish the vibrato. Either use the pivot point and twist your wrist or if your fingers are very strong just use all three fingers to push the string up on the vibrato while the tension brings the string back down. Again you're fretting the note with the finger closest to the bridge. In most cases this will be your ring finger but the strength behind it comes from your wrist and/or the strength of your middle and index fingers. I'm a big proponent of having nice, slick frets for vibratos and bends so make sure when you change strings to use something like Dr. Ducks axe wax on your fretboard and fret crowns. It will keep them nice and slick for easy bends and vibratos. Also periodically check your frets for scratches or anything that could catch a string. Use fine steel wool to buff it out or take to a shop to have it smoothed. This doesn't happen often but can so just keep it in mind.

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