I like how all his solos sound with Megadeth. I am wondering what are some of the easier ones to play. My skill level right now Is not good enough to play some of his more advanced one.
A Tout Le Monde
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"Countdown to Extinction" is probably one of the easiest Megadeth solos around. Actually, most things off that album are somewhat not hard (at least by Marty's standards). Marty's kind of an amazingly talented guitarist. If you want easy, do "Countdown to Extinction." If you want more of a challenge, "Symphony of Destruction" is a fun one. Just pick one you like and put in the time and effort and I'm sure you'll be able to get it down.
I think A Tout Le Monde is probably a good one to start off with. There is a somewhat fast sweep at the end of it though. There's nothing wrong with practising it super slow, so that you can practise it comfortably.
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The last solo on Holy Wars is my personal favorite.
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Try out She-Wolf. It's a fun solo that involves a recurring phrase plus the same riff on different octaves.