I was hoping some could help me understand what’s going on here. I have a fender solid state amp(nothing special just a $100 practice amp) and I have a DS-1/Tube Screamer/EH Small Clone/Big Muff PI all chained. I’ve just started to noticed that when I power everything on my volume out of my amp was EXTREMELY low, even when I turned on one of my pedals. Plugging my guitar straight into the amp work just fine. So through process of elimination I see that it only happens when my Ibanez Tube Screamer is in the chain. Is this because the Tube Screamer tries to put my SS amp into overdrive? I’m just at a loss because I’ve taken care of it and everything seems to work fine.
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the Tube screamer isn't true bypass, which will cause some high end loss. have you checked all your cables to make sure they're not the culprit?
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Make sure the battery isn't dead. Something similar happened to me a while back, then I remembered I don't have the daisy chain adapter for my Big Muff. I changed the battery and I was good to go.

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