Im in a bit of a rush so i'll make this quick

when i was playing my splawn an hour ago, the volume occasionally would fade away then come back. it isnt consistant but i have noticed it a few times in the last few weeks

im assuming i need new tubes but is there a chance that it could be something like a faulty connection in one of my pedals (im thinking my seymour duncan pickup booster) or perhaps one of the cables? my other guess was a weak connection on the input jack in my guitar

thanks for the help and any serious comment is appreciated

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Eliminate as many factors as you can. ie plug straight from guitar to amp and see if it still happens.
If it still happens take notice if there is an increase in hum (120Hz if in the US, 100Hz if in Australia or the UK - that about the same freq as your A string) when the volume drops then get back to us.
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I too have been experiencing this, but only on my clean channel it's noticeable. Theres a low rumbling sound that comes in and fades away.

edit: as far as my research has told me, its the power tubes.
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Quote by 311ZOSOVHJH
Tim, that sure sounds like dying power tubes but didn't you just get your amp back from Scott? How old are the tubes? Don't forget my biasing blog if you need it.

tubes can fail at any time and are not dependant on age, that`s part of the reason why there is short guarantee on tubes