Hi, I really enjoy the sound of funk songs like Stevie Wonder's Superstition and that kind of stuff, but I've never really listened to that genre. You know the groovy bass with slap lines, cool drums and funky guitar. What are the best bands and artists for that kind of music? Thanks
Q: Favourite Pink Floyd song?
A: The one where they get wicked high and play Emin and A for an hour.
The above post is the one you only need. But seriously, check out early Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sly and the Family Stone, and of course Parliament-Funkadelic.
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Check out Bullmark. These cats are some serious old-skool funkateers. Well, THEY aren't old school, but their music IS. Like it's straight from the 70s heyday.

Fronted by bass player Orion Salazar, this group was a sessions group specifically put together to record the soundtrack for Activision's "Interstate 76" video game.

They include all the old school effects and even recorded the music on vintage equipment.

It is a MUST.

also check out some Marcus miller stuff, cool funky bass stuff
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