I have an epiphone les paul standard and i'm not satisfied with the stock pickups. What I would like to have is a pickup that can preferably play a lot of mettalica/megadeth but could also sound like a bluesy/rock tone that slash has.

Thanks for reading and please respond
hmm theres a small problem there.. those are really different types of music and are hard to capture perfectly with 1 set of pickups.

I think slash uses alnico II magnet pickups from Seymour Duncan which are smoother and have a lower output.While Metallica uses EMG's which are a lot hotter than alnico II's. Dave Mustaine from Megadeth uses a high output pickup(he has his own "Livewire" model similar to the SH-4 JB) also from Seymour Duncan.

Personally i would go with these:

yeah i think i'm going to go with the jb but what should i get for the neck? i was thinking either the 59' or the jazz. what do you guys think?