I was wondering if anyone out there would like to share some of your custom settings for the Line 6 Spider IV amplifier? Once I have a couple dialed in i'll be sure to post them. Please include the title or custom "name" you have given them.

The creativity bug has bitten me recently so I've been working on some Jack White inspired settings right now, along with a few of my own creations.

Looking forward to your submissions!


- Jeff
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Sorry. We don't discuss Spiders here in GGnA.
Go to line6.com
they have custom patches, a Spider forum, and a whole bunch of users that will talk that smack with you all day long

ChildofBelial - I hope that was not directed to us. You just posted spam basically in a reported thread so what does that make you? If people read the rules and used the search bar we wouldn't have to deal with threads like this.
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There are a lot of assholes that get on this site..

Really? You must not get out much (on the internet of course).

Also, is TS trolling?

If not, please go to the settings thread in the sticky, or line6.com.
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