I've searched google and the forums some and still could not find anything on how the wiring on a on-on slider switch like this


1.Is it possible to split both humbuckers using only one position, leaving the other position as normal humbuckers?

2. because the switch isn't transferring currents it is only grounding the coil split wires, so there is no other soldering involved (i.e connecting to volume pots,toggle switch), it should work with the switch regardless of where it is connected, correct?

3.Where do these coil splitting wires solder?

S=coil splitting wires o=pins

o o S

o o S

switch:in the right position(on)= coil split/in the left position=normal buckers?

would this be right?
well it's a guitar that i'm building, but i would rather have the slider rather than a push-pull because push-pulls just annoy me.
You split a humbucker by sending the series link wires to ground. Yes you can do it with that slider.
What does 3-way have to do with any of this???
I wasn't sure if splitting the coils would carry through to the other positions (Toggle switch:middle position=both coils split,bridge position=bridge split,neck position=neck split)