This is my latest song i came up with. Im not completely done, i still need to polish it up a little but its almost done.

Btw i know i suck at drums

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song in progress 3 - Copy.gp5

The intro's nice, and with the rhythm kicking in, it sounds quite dissonent.

I really enjoyed the verse, I think maybe you should try harmonising (and panning) the rhythm and lead guitars.

The chorus was my favourite part, and I think the second time it runs through, you should keep the rhythm going over the little lead licks, and give it a double time feel with the drums compared to the first half (using the cymbals and snare, creating a 'fuller' drum beat). This will give it a bit of variation, and make it sound fuller, and bars 37 and 38 (or the respective bars on each chorus) would lead onto this nicely, and in my head that's how I hear it going.

The breakdown that follows the second chorus is very generic, so there's not really much to say about it, but it's a breakdown, and serves it's purpose.

I think the calmer bit needs more of a lead up to it, but it does sound nice, and I did enjoy that.

The part that follows that is also really nice, though simple, it gives a nice outro feel and serves as a good climax for the song, even though it's quite generic.

All in all, I did enjoy the song a lot, and would listen to it properly recorded. I think you should add some bass, and maybe some other effects to fill it out, but I think it was a really enjoyable song, although generic.

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The introduction is alright, but I think your clean chords sound a bit odd playing them one note a time. Have you tried letting the notes ring out while playing? I think that might make it sound a bit better, although it sounds alright with all the other instruments playing behind it.

Bars 21-28 are very cool, nothing needs changing. When it comes to the next part, I think you should keep the drums/guitar/etc. under the lead licks. In bars 32/34, you can have the guitar playing those lead parts but I think it would be much more effective for the other guitar to keep the chords strumming from the previous bar.

The transition from bar 46 to 47 didn't really work for me. Perhaps having the other instruments keep playing while the guitar does the powerchord slide will work. It just seems too sudden the way it is now.

Bar 74 seems out of place as well, bar 73 doesn't seem to flow into the drum part after it. The breakdown is, uhh, fine I guess, but it has been done a million times before, and doesn't really flow into the next part with the strings all that well.

The quite part is nicely done, but I think the guitar could do with some arpeggios rather than the full chord played at once. The part after that with the distorted guitars is cool, though.

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Starting off from the beginning. I think it's obvious the drums aren't the best. But to be completely honest, aside from the verse, they fit perfectly. And I like the whole idea of variation (1st post), but this IS only a Guitar Pro 5 file. This isn't the entire band coming up with drums and guitars and vocals all in the rehearsal area. If they're going into the studio to record this, the drummer would do a fine job at fixing it up. That's why I think critiquing drums in Guitar Pro 5 is plain and simply, stupid. Because the human playing factor ALWAYS sounds better.

Now to critique the guitars, always, when creating in guitar pro, pay attention to the # sign next to the notes on the staff. That lets you know that the notes are out of key. Sometimes it helps when you put them in, sometimes it doesn't help. In this case, it's subjective.

I changed the starting notes to make it without the # sign next to them, and either way, there's pro's and con's to it. The pro's to me changing the notes to [(From left to right) 7-5-8-5-7-6-7] really helped it sound like it has a little more life. The con's, is that you might not be looking for that. Check it out yourself, in only measures 1 and 4 did I do the change, but I added it to the bottom of my post.

Back to critiquing the song, the verse's were very strong, I liked them. I'm not a fan of post-hardcore / metalcore, but it did it's job, and that's good. The chorus was fantastic, this is where the out of "key" notes don't sound bad at all, and rather sound good.

Good job on this song, hope I helped maybe, maybe not. But either way, thanks for the critique on my song.
song in progress 3 - Copy A.gp5
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