Problem resolved

So over the week I've been reinstalling all my programs and upgrading a few...(had random blue screens of death so I reformatted).

I however now have a small issue with Sonar 8.5 Producer and Superior Drummer 2.0.
I can get SD to plug in as a VST and set the audio/midi tracks however when I click each drum I see and hear nothing in Sonar. It's like the SD Program isn't linking up with Sonar.
Toontrack Solo seems to work fine but the VST plugin version just isn't working properly.

Has anyone come across this before and what was your fix?

This all worked great with 8 Producer and the same SD2.0 but with the new Sonar I can't get any sound out of it......strange...
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I can record midi though my hardware or write it in with the mouse and that plays back making the signal lights in sonars midi track blink. Furthermore, I can see Toontrack lighting up with the hits on each drum, but no audio is routed anywhere so I cant hear it.

If I click drums on SD they light up but Sonar won't register any midi signal on the midi track.

So I figured I would uninstall it all and try over once more this time putting the sound library on the main C drive instead of the D drive. I know last time I installed I put it all on one drive so that just may be the problem for some reason. Either way, I'll let ya all know how it all works out.
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Ok just thought I'd update everyone for any future issues with this setup.

turns out version 2.1 of SD is not able to play in Sonar 8.5 due to the new BitBridge and 64bit system. All I needed to do was update SD and it's working fine now.