Im looking to record my electric guitar. (aren't we all.. just bear with me). I've been reading that DI boxes are not as good of quality as using microphones. They are just a "cheaper" way. I also read that condenser mics are very good quality. My question is.. Are there some DI boxes that are expensive and as good of quality as condenser mic's? Im wondering this because condenser mics seem very complicated. Or are condenser mics the way to go?
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What exactly are you trying to record? Amped electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, etc.
if you're just wanting to record guitar, I would pic up a usb interface and a shure sm57 mic. you could record from your guitar amp right into a computer program (tons of options here, even some like reaper that are free). Another route, would be to get a line 6 tone port and POD farm if you're not happy with your amp but still want to record to the computer... Some people don't like amp sim programs, but the POD farm program is pretty cool IMO. Again, there are plenty other options outside of line 6 if you wanted to go with the amp sim route.
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nothing wrong with going DI, if you know what you are doing and have some good amp sims. heck, its probably easier to get a good sound out of some amp sims than it is to mic your amp if you dont know what you are doing.

get a nice USB interface that has both instrument and XLR inputs, and you can do both.

you dont need a condensor for an amp, most people wouldnt recomend it. i typically use dynamics on my amp, and so do most people the sm57 is an industry standard, and its dynamic.

condensor mics arent inherently of good quality, there are some that are good and some that are bad, just like with everything else. and just because something is good quality, doesnt mean that it will work for your application.
What type of amp do you plan on recording with?

If its not a nicer tube amp (Marshall, Vox, Fender, Ect.) then you're better off going with something like a Pod Studio GX and going direct.
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I agree with Jof, how ever said in the first place Condenser mics are the "best"?

There are many ways to record and no one way is "correct". Dynamics are a little darker but condensers are brighter. As for pickup, condensers will read the room a little more....and small diaphragm versions work well with quick sounds such as the attack of a snare drum or overhead cymbals.

So you have an Ibanez JEM7VWH.....do you have an amp to go with it?
If not, you may want to try some of the amp simulator programs such as NIs' Guitar Rig or some of the Line6 stuff. As for plugging your guitar into the computer, usually an audio interface if you shall choose to DI the guitar in or plug in a mic to run with your cab.
The reason for the interface is reduction of latency as well as better inputs/outputs. If you were to plug in a guitar and try playing an amp sim on a stock sound card, chances are you would have a lot of latency and you would not be able to play in real time.
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