Reviewing as I listen: Nice intro and the riff, damn dude so classic. Dude the singing is really nice, also the riffs i've heard so far a top class. The part where the vocalist sings "Here we go again" maybe should change. Just a bit tho, like the very first quarter of a second of it. The drum "solo" thing is pretty cool I think the sound of the drums should just be a bit bigger. Woah! kickass solo!! Again back to the verse, very nice. I really love the riff you guys play during the chorus. The lyrics are pretty rock n roll man. It's a nice and heavy song! Really good job!!!

Mind critiquing my new song/demo? You might not like the first part of it but I think you might like it when it gets a bit heavier https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1349499

Edit: Damn, the chorus of your song is stuck in my head :P
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