Once, in ancient times, man and mouse stumbled upon a rare, feared and revered creature. This creature, with sharp claws, teeth and webbed feet is known to the tribes of Africa as the Urung'Hak. To us, it is known simply by one name: Hamsterduck.

Hamsters and ducks do not often mate, but when they do their offspring become tyrants. It's kind of one of those things, you know?

Anyway, on this night, 478546 years ago, the Hamsterduck claimed it's first victim. No one know what is was, however, because that was a shitting long time ago and everyone died. Once, every thousand years, an 18 year old rider is selected to attempt to train the Hamsterduck. Not one has managed (or reached 19).

The water-mammal/overlord has recently been spotted under two of it's multitude of forms, each more adorable scary than the last. Here are two photos the Hamsterduck put on it's dictator's MySpace page:

Behold, as he leads his empire! Bow before our Leader!
The next person to post one of these is getting a straight ban.

You have been warned. (in more than one way, ololo)