Hi all, i was looking for some advice as to wish piece to choose for my GCSE music exam - I play Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Sax - but i'm looking for a piece for my Guitar.

I have a shortlist:
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven, Dazed & Confused, No Quarter, Since I've been loving you
BB King - Thrill is Gone, How Blue can you Get
Eric Clapton - Sunshine of your love, Layla
Deep Purple - Black Night
Dire straits - Sultans of Swing
Something by Grateful Dead
Something by Elbow
Jimi Hendrix - All Along the watchtower, Voodoo Chile
Motorhead - *****house Blues
Muse - Knights of Cydonia, Hysteria
Rolling Stones - Sympathy for Devil, Gimme Shelter
ZZ top
Pink Floyd

It really needs to be grade 4+ I'd love some advice, preferably from the choices above but welcome to any suggestions.

Thanks a Load
All along the watchtower NEVER cease to stop amusing me c: I just need to keep playing it when i come in contact with my guitar, plus its entertaining i am sure they will like it.
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Play whatever you feel most familiar with and don't try anything difficult. Going from your list, I'd play the Hendrix.

Have you looked at playing one of the Rockschool grade pieces? I drummed along to "Sidewinder" for my performance back in the day and got nearly full marks.
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