K, ive always been an ibanez fan, and i've narrowed my guitar choice down to two guitars. I want to know which one you guys at UG recommend. Here are my choices

Egen18 Herman Li:

Price: £610 (Not the Prestige edition, at £2000, i consider that theft tbh)
Dimarzio Pickups (two double coiled and a single coiled)
24 Frets
Hand grip
Platinum BLonde colour (I consider it a shiny hardwood colour)
S-shaped design
Tremolo Bar
Different modes for pickups

X Xiphos

Price: £550
Dimarzio pickups (Two double coiled)
24 frets
Awesome shape
Red Chameleon Colour (changes colour with the light angle)
Tremolo Bar
Three-way pickup selection

K, my difficulty in choosing is simply that i like the Egen for it's varied pickup selection, easy shape etc, but prefer the Xiphos on price, shape and colour. However, i wannt know what you guys think.

Note: and i dont want anyone suggesting anytihng else please. Ive taken great consideration into what i want from a guitar, and these two both fit the bill. I just simply want an answer: A or B, and your reasons. Appreciate it guys. Thanks
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Egen: I love the ZR, and as far as I can tell the balance issues for the xiphos guitars still hasnt been sorted


whoaaaah, both have an edge iii. If you can get past the xiphos neck dive, go for it. Otherwise, egen
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thanks for the suggestions guys. im glas to know you guys arent like most of the nutjobs here on ug who dont even answer your question lol. im getting quite a lotta peopel telling Xiphos is a pretty good option. Ill take a think. thanks guys
I like the Xiphos because it's a lot simpler of a guitar, with an insane body shape and a sleeeek neck. The neck dive can be avoided with a strap lock and a nice DiMarzio clip strap. That's why my old guitarist used. =]

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