To save space, and simply because it looks cool, I have decided to hang my 3 guitars from the wall.
Im looking at hangers that hold the guitar by the bottom of the headstock, but the only ones I can find are these:
Now they look fine and dandy, but they have a weight limit of 7kg.
Im fairly sure that my LP and bass weigh more than that.
Where can I find stronger ones?
The heaviest les pauls (made in the 80's) weigh in at 11lbs, which is just under 5kg, so you're fine
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i got 3 of them. one holding my strat, another my iba and another my dean and they work perfectly fine. you should have no problems. they're great things!
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Thanks guys.
Im guessing the weight limit thing is just a tactic to avoid lawsuits maybe?
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works pretty good for me.

srry, i had to...

love the colour of your wall, its so... white
the whiteness of that wall just took my breath away...
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
The Hercules hangers and stands are great. I can't recommend them enough. Just make sure you fix it to the wall properly!
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used "off the wall" hangers for years.

protect nitro finishes.
and make sure you hit a stud when hanging.

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They look good hanging from the wall and are ready to jam when I want to.