OMG they're making new ones?! how come I haven't heard about this. I'd like to know when they are airing too.
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I hope they don't ruin the wondrous legacy of Beavis and Butthead.
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Who cares? It's going to suck.

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σx σp ≥ h/2
Don't know, but I was aroused in the pants area when I hear that they were going to make new ones. Try google?
I've googled it, even tried to find info on MTv's own website, and nothing yet.

And for you non-fans and skeptics, B&B was the last great show on MTv. Do you REALLY watch those stupid reality shows they broadcast? LOL at you.

Anyway, Mike Judge is back on the job here, and he promises the same sparse animation techniques, edgy dialogue and storylines, and impromptu video reviews. I agree that it can't quite capture the true spirit of the original run, but it definitely isn't going to suck, you asswipes.
Bunch of hating buttmunchers in here. Beavis and Butthead as the greatest show on MTV
Might as well since King of the Hill is dead.

Might as well make the episodes with them both out of high school and living their same worthless lives working a shitty paying job while getting into numerous hijinks that involve farts, sexual innuendos, cleaver plot designs, and laughter.
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"Beavis and Butthead ooooooooooooh yeeeaaaaa" (sang in a sassy ladies voice)

Please I can't wait for them to review Lady Gaga it's gonna be awesome.

P.S. I need TP for my bunghole, I am Cornholio !

I am sooooooo excited! I hope they dont screw it up tho.
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No Gen-Yers are a little upset that they can't do shit for us but bring back old concepts? It's sad that all we do is jump on old shit. Beavis and Buthead is not nearly good enough to justify 30 new episodes. It was a 90s thing and that's where it needs to stay.

EDIT: To be fair, there are original shows on MTV, so I might as well put my foot in my mouth. Well, off to watch Jersey Shore and Teen Moms.
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