Tiny Terror, soon Thunder 30. Amp sounds awesome, not the problem at all. It's the shitty stock pickups in my SG.
First tone is pretty much any clean humbucker tone you could mention combined with a bit of delay and a lot of reverb. Seriously I could pick up a stock Epiphone SG and get that tone with any amp. Just have the relevant pedals, use the neck pickup with the tone control full, keep the amp's mid control fairly full, keep the treble average and place the bass where required for whatever size room you're in. However, I will add that it does slightly sound like a hollow or semi-hollow bodied guitar with P-90s was used. It's a tough call between a solid body guitar with humbuckers or a semi-hollow with P-90s, but either would do the job well enough.

As for the second, that's all in the amp. I'm not hearing any particular nuances of the pickups coming through, again that's a case of any solid body guitar with humbuckers and the right amp EQd right. Looking up more info on the band, it seems they just use stock Gibsons anyway.

Wait until you get the Thunder head, then mess with that instead of changing pickups. Neither of those tones is unusual enough to really warrent a pickup change; the 490R and T pickups in the Special Faded are responsive enough as it is, there's nothing a pickup change will do for you in terms of those tones that your amp's EQ section couldn't do for free.
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I hate the pickups in my SG though. I can get an awesome tone with my Eclipse or my Strat, but my SG doesn't sound good at all.

And I know none of these are super hard tones to get, and I have no problem dialing in a good tone with my two other guitars, the SG however just sounds thin. The neck pickup is ok-ish for clean stuff, but no more than that. A P-90 in the neck would be cool.

Thanks for the answer though.
Perhaps then, rather than focus on particular tones to replicate, you just explained exactly what it is about the stock pickups that you don't like; just saying they sound "thin" doesn't tell us much. Is it that they have too little bass response, too little mid response or too much treble response? Do they react to your playing properly? Are they too muddy or too clear?

Though the 490s are medium-wound alnico IIs, which have quite a balanced tone in the grand scheme of things. Specifically warmer pickups like a Seymour Duncan Alternative 8 and Custom Custom or DiMarzio Tone Zone and Breed series will thicken up your tone considerably, but there is the danger with them that they will become too powerful and rob you of clarity and proper response.
It would be worth you considering leaving the pickups alone but changing the control pots and tone control capacitors instead. Most humbucker controls use a 0.022uf capacitor; changing up to a 0.033uf capacitor will subtly thicken the tone a little but chopping off a bit of the high-end (a 0.047uf capcitor, which is usually used for single coil pickups, could also be used although this often robs humbuckers of proper dynamic response). Your guitar probably uses ceramic capacitors too - changing to orange drop capcitors will warm the tone more even when the tone controls are full. The control pots are most likely around the 500k mark - if you replaced one of the bridge pickup's controls and one of the neck pickup's controls with a 300k control, that would also help thicken the tone a little. Really, the control pots and capcitors that a guitar uses make just as much difference to its tone as the pickups do.

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Try Seymour duncans alnico pro II slashes
These are almost exactly the same as the pickups he has at the moment, only with more treble detail. Pretty much the opposite of what he wants, from the sound of things.
Yes, I know everything. No, I can't play worth a damn.
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I have a faded SG that originally came with the 490's. Also have an original '65 SG. The sound is totally different in these two guitars. I initially bought the faded so the '65 could get some rest. The 490's want to go dirty real quick, and it takes some experimentation to keep them from getting too muddy, but they basically provide a humbucker sound. They just take a bit more fiddling to get the sound you want. They actually sound great in a Vox AC30.

I decided I would rather have my faded SG set up with P90's and swapped in a set of Duncan Phat Cats. This made me happier, sound-wise, but now I have $900 invested in a guitar that probably won't bring more than $500 if I chose to sell it.