After almost three years with a cheap beginner's Ibanez, it's finally time for me to get a new guitar and amp. I've decided on a Jazzmaster, but choosing an amp is a bit harder, because I know almost nothing about amps.

I play alot of different stuff; basic rock, shoegaze, post-rock, ska, punk, experimental stuff, occasionally some metal and sometimes just noise. I'll probably focus on shoegaze and post-rock in the future, so that's what's most important to me. Something I know I want is warm cleans, because that's exactly what I can't get with my current gear.

My budget is not set in stone, but anything above $1000/€800 is probably too much. The only gigging I do is school concerts where we use the school's amps, so unless something unexpected happens this amp will only be for playing at home.
With that budget, you can do pretty well, especially if you don't need the really high wattage for gigging. I highly recommend a tube amp. If I were you, I'd spend a day at a guitar shop trying out every amp they have to feel out exactly what you're looking for. For bedroom uses, 15W tube should be plenty of volume. Many manufacturers make small wattage tube amps that sound great. Someone started a great small-wattage amp review thread a couple days ago. Check it out. Some examples:

Vox Night Train or AC15 (AC15 may be a bit out of your price range)
Egnater Tweaker or Rebel 20
Jet City JCA20
Fender Blues Deluxe

There are plenty more out there if you look. Personally, I own an Egnater Tweaker and it does everything I want it to, and more. I've also owned a Night Train, which is a great amp, but unless you're absolutely crazy about it's tones you can do better for the price. Keep in mind that with a head, you're also going to need to shell out a couple hundred for a decent cab.
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salgala2000: I've been considering getting some sort of Fender. I'd definitely go used, though it's not easy to find used stuff where I live.

Jimmy_Page_Zep: I'm pretty sure that I'll get some sort of tube amp. I've played Vox amps before, and I didn't like the ones I played. The Fender Blues Deluxe, however, seems interesting. It's a bit expensive, but I really like what I've heard. There's only two guitar shops in my local area, and both are pretty small, but I'll go check what they have.

EDIT: I had a quick look at the Egnater Tweaker, and it sounded really good. I'll definitely look into it a bit more. Thanks for the tip.
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