You could get one at Kirk's house.

TBH I have never seen one quite like this. To that end, I expect that you would have to get it custom done. Warmoth could do it.
Marshall amplifiers are the truest purveyors of rock and roll known to man.

"And give a man an amplifier and a synthesizer, and he doesn't become whoever, you know. He doesn't become us."

Holy crap, check this out!
You'd have to channel some cosmic awesome into a guitar, and then take a photograph right in the middle of a solo. And your last name will become Hammett and you will have that guitar.

P.S. Side of fries with that? Yes? No?
How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?

Twelve. One to change the bulb and eleven to say they could do it better.

On a less trolling note, I know prs and agile has that finish. I'm not sure but I think raw power Les Pauls have them as well